August 24th, 2016

PwrFlxBMWE90&E84BshsPowerflex has just released two new part numbers to fit xDrive, 4WD models of the BMW 3 Series E90, E91, E92 and the X1 E84. It has also added cross referencing of existing parts to create catalogue pages for the X1 s-Drive and X1 xDrive. PFF5-5701 Front Control Arm to Chassis Bush has been engineered to allow the control arm to follow its natural arc and is made in two halves for simple fitting. With the OE part being offset as standard, the Powerflex bush features an offset bored sleeve that allows for further increases to caster. Retail price per pair £79.08 incl. VAT. Testing of this new part indicates that the Road Series Purple bush offers a 19% increase in stiffness vs the original rubber bush. For vehicles used in Motorsport or predominately on track these new bushes are available in the Powerflex Black Series range. The Black Series material has been shown to provide a 119% increase in stiffness over the OE rubber bushes! PFF5-5701BLK – Retail price £87.00 incl. VAT. Additionally, Powerflex has added PFF5-5703-26.5 Front Anti Roll Bar Mounting Bush 26.5mm to its range. Retail price per pair £45.48 incl. VAT. Both parts are made in durable polyurethane and offer greater performance and far greater longevity than the original rubber components and, of course, carry a Lifetime Warranty. For more details visit or call 01895 460033.

August 23rd, 2016

PIECHA_CLA seitliche FrontGermany’s PIECHA Design now offers a very attractive styling package for the Mercedes CLA, which underlines the car’s sporty and elegant look and enhances the ex factory AMG look to make it even more thrilling.


When it was launched, the Mercedes AMG CLA was the most aerodynamic production car ever. With its racy elegance it also won over many fans of other brands. This year Mercedes has brought out a facelift, but PIECHA Design’s styling kit, will keep owners of the previous version happy. Boss and chief designer Marcus Piecha states: “Our modular GT-R package is masculine, wide and cheeky.“


The GT-R Front Cup Wings (€440) are attached to the bumpers and make the CLA appear wider and, in combination with the GT-R Front Splitter (€183), more assertive and refined. The PIECHA front is compatible with the production side skirts. For the characteristic AMG styling rear, PIECHA came up with a three-part diffusor insert (€698) with two underfloor wings. This makes the CLA rear more assertive and mighty, as it befits a car of this type. The diffusor insert can also accept an optional PIECHA sport-type exhaust with four tail pipes (price varies with the no. and choice of components). The icing on the cake are the three-part GT-R rear spoiler lip (€458) and GT-R roof edge spoiler (€348), which can be affixed by special adhesives.


The look is perfected by alloy wheels. PIECHA has the Y-spoke design MP5-LXM (€2210 per set) in 20’’ in black and silver or the MP1-Monoblock (from €1470 per set) – in titanium or black – in 19’’. The latter has a very dynamic fan blades look.


Customers can order these components and others, like the legendary PIECHA Power Converter, suspensions and styling and equivalent parts for the Shooting Brake CLA, at:

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August 22nd, 2016

PIECHA A207 seitliche FrontPIECHA Design from Rottweil, Germant, now offers an attractive package for the Mercedes 207, which continues where the factory AMG styling package leaves off. The visual package underlines the sporty look of the Series 207 and makes it look even more exciting.

Seven years ago, the Mercedes 207 series brought back memories of the timeless and elegant 124 convertible or coupé. PIECHA Design has an extensive modular visual package for the pre-facelift models (i.e. until 2013, with the “rectangular” headlamps), which makes the racy look even more exciting. The bodywork is an elegant extension of the original AMG looks.


The mighty RS front lip (€655) with its integrated air splitter makes the convertible or coupé more assertive, but with the two-door E-class retaining its elegance and stylishness. The PIECHA RS rear diffusor insert (€698) uses the factory mounting points and makes the car more dynamic whilst guiding the air current beneath the car. The rear appears flatter and racier, with a three-part rear spoiler (€430) accentuating the width.


Wheel spacers of various sizes (from €85) and sport-type springs (€256), 15-20mm shorter than the originals, complete the car’s appearance and provide improved handling. The sound is right, too. The rear diffusor insert has been created by the boss and chief designer, Marcus Piecha, to take the legendary QUADRO 4-pipe exhaust (from €1385). The chrome-plated tailpipes are available for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder petrol and diesel models. If you like the exhaust’s looks, a weld on version is also avilable for the  6 cylinder production exhaust (€398).


Silver or black MP5-LXM alloy wheel in 20“ (€2210 per set) complete the convertible or coupé’s look. An equally stylish alternative in 19“ is PIECHA Design’s MP1-Monoblock –in titanium or black – at €1470 per set.


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August 21st, 2016

Piecha_E212The styling house of PIECHA Design, from Rottweil in Germany, has just released its GT-R aerodynamic kit for the Mercedes E-Class. This sporty package includes front flicks, side skirt covers, an amazing rear diffusor and much more.

With its four angular eyes, the original Mercedes E-class W212 still looks very modern, even by comparison with the face lift version and the entirely new model and especially so when equipped with the exciting PIECHA GT-R aerodynamic set, available for saloons and estate cars. “We haven’t completely redesigned this progressive look but deliberately worked out the E-class’s visual features by using some classy details ‘made in Germany’,“ says PIECHA’s boss and chief designer, Marcus Piecha.

The racy name of the package says it all. With front flicks (€198) and trims for the AMG side skirts (€714), the E-class looks very dynamic. The kicker, however, is the rear diffusor insert with its aluminium grid and AMG exhaust deflector mounts (€714), conveying a certain aggressiveness. For the E500, a special sport-type exhaust called GT is available (€1250), which comes with various deflectors. PIECHA has four oval QUADRO tailpipes (118 x 85 mm) available for €1485 that will suit all models with no rear diffusor required. All of the above come with Vehicle Type Approval, of course. The PIECHA GT-R rear diffusor can also always be used on cars with a detachable tow bar and MP5-LXM alloy wheels in 20“ (silver or black) or MP1-Monoblock wheels in 19“ (titanium or black) complete the transformation.


However PIECHA is about more than just stunning looks, Marcus Piecha also has the right suspension parts for both the Airmatic or steel suspension models. The digital electronic Airmatic module costs €1400 and lowers the centre of gravity by up to 50mm. With the CANBUS steering-wheel control panel, either axle can be adjusted in eight increments, with all details displayed. For all other cars, sport-type springs are available, including VTA, that will lower the car by up to 35mm (from €138).


In most E-class models, the PIECHA Power-Converter (€297.50) can also be installed. This innovative electronic product is not a chip-tuning device but an intricate unit that makes the gas pedal much more sensitive and more assertive, especially so with 30mm wheel spacers. Finally the four-spot skirt LEDs (from €298) will make even parking a real event when you see your reflection in windows and the paintwork of other vehicles.


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August 20th, 2016

Momo-Quantum-WheelsGreat news for BMW owners! The MOMO Quantum and Quantum Evo now have dedicated fitments for BMW which have the correct OEM offset and the ability to utilise the existing BMW centre cap in the MOMO alloy wheel. 360 degree images can be seen online at The MOMO Quantum and Quantum Evo meet the most stringent quality standards and feature: • First Class Italian Design • Impeccable Racing Pedigree • One Piece Low Pressure Cast Alloy Wheels • Compatibility with OEM Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Sensors • Compatibility with Run Flat Tyres • Suitability for Both Cars and SUVs • One Year Warranty


Quantum EVO

18” x 8” – £204.99 inc. VAT

19” x 8.5” – £249.99 inc. VAT

19” x 9.5” – £264.99 inc. VAT


18” x 8” – £199.99 inc. VAT

19” x 8.5” – £240 inc. VAT

19” x 9.5” – £259.99 inc. VAT

For more details contact Brown & Geeson Ltd. +44 (0) 1268 764411 or visit their website:

August 19th, 2016

MiniSpElctrncDstrbtrMini Spares can now offer Evolution electronic distributors that are specifically designed to match the Mini Spares Evolution cam profiles on modified and updated classic Minis. There are three types available: C-27H7701 – For standard to 276 lift profiles up to Mini Spares Evolution Cam MDM276 and Piper equivalent Retail price: £82.80 incl. VAT C-27H7702 – For 285 – 296 lift profiles. Retail price: £82.80 incl. VAT C-27H7703 – For 310 – 315 racing lift profiles. Retail price: £96.00 incl. VAT For more details contact Mini Spares on +44 1707 607700 or visit their website:

August 18th, 2016

MinspSolenoid&StartrWhen replacing the starter on a Mini that was built before the change to pre-engaged starters in 1984/5 it’s vital to obtain the right parts. The inertia starter needs to have the correct 9 tooth pinion. This is rarer than the 10 tooth type used on other British Leyland cars such as the Sprite, Spitfire and Mini Metro; these often get fitted to Minis as they’re cheaper, but doing so can ruin the ring gear or the bendix teeth. It is also important to obtain the right solenoid. Early Minis had the type with a push button, which was useful for turning the engine whilst adjusting the tappets. Mini Spares can now supply the correct 9 tooth GXE4404 starter at £78.76 inc VAT and the original type BMK1727 solenoid with push button starter at £17.28 incl. VAT. The starter is sold on an outright basis so customers can retain their original starter to rebuild at some stage; the donor units are becoming very rare as they have not been fitted to production cars for over 20 years. For more details contact Mini Spares on +44 1707 607700 or visit their website:

August 17th, 2016

MiniSp-RaceBodyShellFor some years now, constructors who build racing Minis have been asking “Is it possible for Heritage to supply a brand new bodyshell, built especially for us?” The problem has been that racing Minis use little or none of the front structure of the shell (wings, valances etc.) and the original manufacturing processes that Heritage follows use those components to line up the complete shell on the final assembly jig. Now British Motor Heritage have obliged with a race specification bodyshell. On this shell the only parts of the structure forward of the bulkhead are the two side valances. These panels can be removed if prefered. Other non-essential panels, including, dash and rear parcel shelf, are also omitted. The shell is supplied in bare metal so there will be no need to strip any paint off before race prepping with additional seam welding, roll cage mounts etc. The bodyshell is supplied without doors, bonnet and bootlid. These shells will be available only to bona fide race car constructors and will not be sold as replacement bodyshells for road legal Minis due to Construction & Use regulations for road vehicles. Order as CZH3247. Price: £4,146.00 inc vat For more details contact Mini Spares on +44 1707 607700 or visit their website:

August 16th, 2016

MStyle-MLook-BumperM-Style has just released an ‘M Look’ Front Bumper Kit for BMW E90 and E91 LCI models. The ‘M Look’ front bumper kit comes complete with lower grilles and air ducts and will fit all E90/91 LCI models, (‘Life Cycle Impulse’ – is a term invented by BMW to imply that this ‘facelift’ was more than cosmetic.) The bumper is available for cars with or without headlight washers. Price is £329 including VAT. Foglights, if required, are £89 extra. M-Style can also supply a similar bumper for pre LCI E90/E91 models at £279.00 inc. VAT. M-Style can also quote for fitting and painting to the customer’s specification. For further details visit the M-Style website: or call 0208 5989115

August 15th, 2016

MStyle-MLook-BodyKitM-Style has just released a body kit to give any F32 4 Series the M-Look. The body kit consists of a grill and front bumper complete with air intakes and mesh grilles, a rear bumper with diffuser – ready to accept quad exhausts (similar to those found on the M4 and also available from M-Style) and a pair of side skirts. The complete package retails at £800 and M-Style can also quote for fitting and painting to the customer’s specification. Parts can also be bought individually Front bumper kit £329.17 Side skirts kit £245.83 Rear bumper kit (for quad exhaust) £329.17 Prices are plus VAT. For further details visit the M-Style website: or call 0208 5989115